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        Beijing more good asset management co., LTDIs one of the few domestic by the formal dun company,Beijing is also established dun company,Mainly accepts the debt off,The payment,Triangle,Bad loans or business professional dun company。You don't succeed not charge any fee,The good faith first。Beijing more good asset management co., LTD., relying on the powerful Internet data service system,Complete the channels of information exchange and interaction、The formation of resource integration and optimization matching,Information for the publisher and disposal is a one-stop shop for seamless docking,And equipped with professional dealer account manager and senior lawyers to provide professional advice and support authority,To achieve the ultimate disposal of bad assets,Dissolve the financial crisis。【More and more...】

The entrusted way
        Customer calls24Hours after the hotline,Department head due to special reasons can not meet with clients in person on the phone, please ask clear head delegate which delegates to meet(If the inconvenience to the client can choose express mail or fax and email the signed agreement),But either way,Want to first call confirmed rear can be carried out,To avoid criminals posing as the company personnel to cheat customer effects the reputation of the company。
        Our company service if you don't understand,Or a propaganda our company,Planning, etc. Put forward valuable opinion suggestion,Please call:13911629007 
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Professional ethics
1、Loyal to、To maintain our business and customers。
2、The customer information must not be leaked to any personnel。
3、Anyone has no right to record video、The recording、The data such as pictures or leak out of the company。
4、Investigators in the work not with any other irrelevant personnel exchanges。
5、No inspectors may ask for it、Listen other investigators in the case、Passing by、The results。
6、Law-abiding、Aboveboard、Real、Steadfast work。
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